About Our Background

Welcome to Teb Inc.

Teb Inc. has a fully air conditioned building, covering 11,700 Square Feet and is located in the City of Rancho Cucamonga, in the Inland Empire of San Bernardino Country. Teb Inc is 40 Miles East of Los Angeles. Centrally located between both the 10 and 210 Freeways.

TEB Inc. was incorporated in the state of California in 1960. It was formed primarily to service industries and the U.S. government that had requirements beyond their normal capacity. These service and capabilities consist of providing precision machined parts and assembles that are not only complex, but require a high level of quality and integrity. In the 60's Teb Inc. worked with companies like Jet Propulsion Laboratory on programs to help with putting Man into space. In the 70's and well into the 80's Teb Inc. helped companies like Boeing, Mc Donald Douglas to manufacturer commercial aircraft that still dominate the world today. In the 80's and 90's Teb Inc. helped companies like Rohr, and Gulfstream to achieve air superiority in the business jet class. In the 90's and 2000's Teb Inc. assisted companies like The Nordam Group become a key manufacturer in the nacelle engine industries. From 2000 to Present Teb Inc. has helped companies like Barry Controls, Whittaker Controls (Meggitt North Hollywood) to maintain cost control with keeping inventories on standby and ready using projects like kaban, and just in time deliveries.

With every changing times, Teb Inc. has stride to find innovated ways to maintain competitiveness allowing companies to manufacturer and stay here in America. We work with companies that need help with manufacturing and cost control. Some companies can design and engineer the world but don't want to be in the machining business. Over fifty years of problem solving has led us to help some of the world's leading companies reach their goals. We are a helping hand when it is machine parts and assemblies you need to get to the next level.

Types of Parts We Manufacturer:

  • Hydraulic: Valves, Fittings, Pistons, Actuators, Complex Manifold Bodies with Ports
  • Tube Swaged Parts: Struts, Control Rods, Tie Rods with Bushing and Bearings
  • Machines Struts, Assemblies Bolted and Welded, Rod Ends
  • Machine Parts with Slotted Spherical Bearing's or Type Trunnion Bearing Nitrided
  • Pistons and Rams That Require Grinding, Hard Chrome Plate, and Finish Grind
  • Bearings - Stakes or Swaged
  • Parts That Require Bushings Installed with Press Fit, Slip Fit, or Shrink Fit
  • Parts That Require Heat Treat 20 to 62 Rockwell

Material We Have Experience Machining and Handling

  • Aluminums 7075, 2024, 6061
  • Titanium 6al 4v, 3al 2.5v
  • Alloy Steel 4130, 4340 vac melt
  • Nickel Alloys 718 inconel Waspaloy Haynes L605, 188
  • Flat, Rod, Bar, Casting

Whats New and Improving at Teb Inc.

  • Work Instruction and Routing Document Implementation on Repeat Jobs
  • Work Instruction with Detail Instructions for each and every Operation
  • More Pictorial of Each and Every Operation
  • Tooling Better Documented with Pictures, Better Documented Setup Boxes
  • This is allowing for faster turnaround on repeat orders by taking the guessing out of how the order was run in the past
  • Detail Inspection Pictures Showing Techniques of How Key Dimensions are Inspected, Eliminating repeating errors or problems of critical dimension
  • New Hires Will Have Shorter Learning Curve to Get Them Up to Speed on Production Efficiency
  • This Will Save Time on Set up because Someone Can't Remember What a Tool Looked Like or Where to Find it
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